Twinkle Park

Twinkle Park is the solo project of composer and Pop Spirit co-founder Hazel M. She often works alongside others, producing and collaborating on their work; when working alone, she pulls inspiration and experience from her time collaborating with artists to fuel her music. When she works alone, she blends elements of power pop, emo, shoegaze, and indie to create heartfelt maximalist pop music. Between chaotic drum breaks and busy guitars lie delicate synthesized vocals. Songs bursting at the seams one minute may melt away into contemplative piano backed by ambient soundscapes, or synth ballads. No genre or style is off limits within a given Twinkle Park songs.

Created in 2015 as an outlet to experiment with and better learn production techniques, over time the project has gradually shed its quieter, more downtempo skin, and developed into a loud, bombastic vehicle for Hazel to write in the most earnest way she can. Her lyrics are both self-defeating and triumph, at times simultaneously. Jumping frenetically from disarmingly frank confessions to hyper-specific tangents, her songs evoke nervous energy in both words & instrumentation.

Follow Hazel on Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Check out her most recent release, “Something To Hold On To”.